Seminar Workshops

We developed these workshops to allow seminar participants to gain a little more knowledge in areas of greater importance to them. We chose these topics because previous seminar participants suggested they would be most useful to their growth and recovery. We value your opinion and if you have any suggestions for future workshops, please let us know when you complete the seminar evaluation form.

Why? The Painful, Disappointing Difficulties of Life
Do you puzzle or even struggle greatly with the ‘Whys’ of life? That’s what we’ll dive into within the context of divorce. No pat answers just an honest look designed to expand our understanding of this dilemma.

Developing a Strong Support Network
Developing a support network of friends after divorce, how to get connected with good safe people, ways to have connections that are healthy as opposed to jumping into another romantic relationship just to avoid loneliness.

Financial Reset
Divorce often is accompanied by new financial realities. We’ll explore how to navigate those and pitfalls to avoid. In doing so, we’ll look at cash flow (budget), investments, insurance, retirement accounts, legal and tax documents.

Single Again and Sexuality
You’re single again or will be, and just thinking about dating can be very scary. Some of us question whether we can ever trust or have a relationship again. Others seek relationships to validate their self-worth. How do you know if you’re ready for a relationship? If you have children, how will this affect them? This workshop explores these and other issues, offering practical suggestions for healthy relationships.

Parenting when Your Own Heart is Hurting
This workshop is for parents who desire to be more competent in their parenting skills. We will address the pitfalls arising from single parenting and how to avoid them. We will discuss the impact divorce has on children and how you can help them in their healing process.

Healing Your Heart
This workshop will assist you in understanding your heart, the value of brokenness, and a process by which God, with you, can bring healing to it.

What To Do With All The Anger
Anger is one of the most powerful emotions we experience during the divorce process. Because we struggle with anger during divorce, we often respond to this “powerhouse” emotion in extreme ways. We may try “stuffing” it or we can explode in absolute rage. This workshop provides some helpful insight into the role anger plays in our life and suggests healthy ways we can learn to deal with our anger.