Children’s Rights When Parents Divorce

Children’s Rights When Parents Divorce

The right to be treated as important human beings with their own feelings, ideas and desires and not as a source of argument between parents.

The right to a continuing relationship with both parents, and the freedom to receive love from and express love for both.

The right to know that the parents’ decision to divorce is the parents’ responsibility, not the child’s.

The right to express love and affection for each parent without having to stifle that love because of fear of disapproval by the other parent.

The right to continuing care and guidance from both parents, including sharing important life events with each parent.

The right to honest answers to questions about the changing family relationships.

The right to know and appreciate the good in each parent, without one parent degrading the other

The right to have a relaxed, secure relationship with both parents without having to play one parent against the other.

The right to enjoy a relationship with both parents without being involved in disputes regarding property, child support, and other financial issues.

The right to enjoy a significant and important role in each parent’s home, including a comfortable and secure relationship with stepparents and/or step-siblings.

Used by permission of Hennepin County Family Court Services