The Seminar

“This seminar is life changing and should be more publicized and available like the famous Al-Anon and 12-step programs. In one day, I’ve learned more than I have in 4 years being divorced.”
Feb 2020 Seminar Attendee

If you are separated from your spouse, going through a divorce, or are divorced, we encourage you to attend this seminar. We understand the feelings of rejection, anger, fear, isolation, betrayal, guilt and helplessness that can result from divorce. You may feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster, one day you feel fine, the next day you feel hopeless, or you feel like you are still attached to your ex. Emotions have a way of fooling us into believing that things will never change or get better. During this time, it is critical to gain a healthy perspective by understanding the root of your emotions, which will enable you to take the necessary steps to move forward with your life.

The Divorce & Beyond seminar addresses these issues in a safe, nurturing environment. People are seated at tables (men and women are at separate tables for the main seminar) and given opportunities to share, facilitated by a trained leader. We’ve found that these initial discussions are best conducted in gender specific settings. However, the workshops during the seminar and the optional support groups that meet after the seminar are co-ed. Each support group has a male and a female facilitator, enabling us to learn from one another.

Yes, divorce hurts, but we can help;
Our next seminar will be January 23, 2021. At the Countryside YMCA in Lebanon, Ohio.
Since our seminar is being hosted at Countryside YMCA, we will be following their Covid-19 policies. –>

Seminar Topics

  • Layers of divorce
  • Recovery cycle
  • Loneliness and Forgiveness
  • Transition and Change
  • Developing a New Lifestyle


Our Values

  • Safe, warm and welcoming
  • Loving and caring – Non-judgmental
  • Sense of community – Wounded healers are leaders/volunteers
  • Respectful of differing view points
  • Sensitive to individuals in various stages of crisis and loss

For your children -KidKare

For Children Ages 8 – 12

Your children are dealing with their own emotions about divorce and it is important for them to understand that they are not to blame. While you are attending the seminar, your children (ages 8-12) can participate in activities and discussions that deal with their feelings, changes in the family structure and self-esteem. The KidKare program is coordinated by a team of qualified volunteers and is offered at the same time as the Adult Seminar.


  • Large variety of meaningful activities, some serious and some fun!
  • Time to process emotions
  • Discovery of hope & love during a tough time

Includes all resources, continental breakfast and lunch.

Registration fee for adults is:
$35.00 if paid by January 16
$40.00 between January 17-20
$50.00 January 21 and after

KidCare (ages 8-12) is:
$10.00 for one child, $15.00 max per family.

Registration will be available in late December 2020.

Cost – Our registration fees do not actually cover the cost of the Seminar, but thanks to generous support from our partner churches and individual donors, we are able keep our registration fees low. We are very committed to helping those experiencing divorce, whether fees are in the budget or not. We never want someone to not attend the seminar simply because their divorce has put them in a tough spot financially. Our registration page includes a “Pay What You Can” ticket option, however our online registration process requires a minimum of $1 but if right now that is even too much or you don’t have a debit/credit card, simply drop us an email and we can get you registered directly.

Questions? Feel free to drop us an email.

You can mail a check or money order to:
Divorce and Beyond
P.O. Box 309
Loveland, Ohio 45140